About Us

Carbet Medica was created in 2016 in the nutraceutical market to assist companies to create and innovate with new products’ concepts.
With a thorough knowledge of the properties of natural active ingredients and forms of release able to improve the natural physiological processes, Carbet Medica offers products ready to market to licensing out to fulfill market’s unmet needs as private label in several health purposes. If you are a company who would like to discover more, request our catalogue.

Carbet Medica‘s purpose is the research and development of products for the nutraceutical market, that are beneficial and healthy to complete a healthy lifestyle.
Carbet medica, leveraging its established knowledge about the properties of natural ingredients and forms of release fulfills the natural physiological processes. It aims to create innovative and successful products in line with market requirements.
Carbet Medica operates commercially in multiple sales channels overseeing the needs of all those who are united by the development of innovation in the health sector.

Carbet Medica’s main strategy is to deal in technologically advanced products focus on innovation of actives associations and new forms of release to supply the needs of a market in rapid evolution.