what we do

Private Labels


Branded New Ingredients

Carbet Medica with its thorough knowledge of properties of botanicals and nutritional ingredients can develop new branded raw materials with high level of innovation to fulfill gaps on the market.

Innovative Association of Ingredients

Carbet Medica thanks to its knowledge of the natural essence of the actives can realize the proper association of actives to maximize their synergic activities for the maximum efficacy.

Product Concept

Carbet Medica focuses on new product concept able to fill in a market gap or unmet clinical needs.

Innovative Release of Actives

Carbet Medica with a solid experience in forms of release can apply the galenical technique to maximize the bioavailability of ingredients always considering the best compliance’s needs.

Scientific Documentation of Main Ingredients

Carbet Medica is always up to date on scientific bibliography on ingredients to create a scientific rationale on each product able to represent a solid support dossier to sustain the scientific design of the final product.

Experimental Tests on Finished Product

On a selection of ready to branded private label products Carbet Medica developed clinical protocols to show the preliminary efficacy of product.


The business network is made up of experts in various services:

◗ Applied research, universities, private institutions, university professors, CRO

◗ External Production to research the most out of what the market offers in terms of technological innovation
in pursuing the best possible form of administratio

◗ Regulatory associations

◗ Raw materials supplier’s partnership and also a continuous scouting activity are carried on